Sancta Sophia Meditation Community

A Community that offers you support on your Spiritual Journey through meditation, Ritual, Liturgy and the sharing of the Word of God.


In 1996 Fr Ken Petersen O.Carm. and I came to Warburton to found the Sancta Sophia Meditation Community on the Beautiful property near the Yarra river called Karith. We envisioned a life-giving community where the stranger would be welcomed. 

Since living here I have experienced so many people who are searching for an authentic spirituality. Some have never belonged to any religious tradition and others who are dis-affected with their own tradition. Our ministry has been to encourage the deepening of the spirituality of those committed to a spiritual path and to introduce others to practices which will help them to encounter their humanity on their spiritual journey.

Exploring the connection between Eastern and Western form of spirituality has been very enriching and of course part of my ongoing search for TRUTH as a Dominican. I believe along with Vatican II that all religious traditions share the seeds of the Ultimate Truth, which is reached not just by the use of the rational, for our Motto “To Contemplate and give to others the fruit of Contemplation” helps me to experience the greatest wisdom as love and that to embrace wisdom is to find a path to the Light Divine and then to shine a light for others.

Sharing the Word during the Eucharist is a high point of life at Sancta Sophia. Twice a week on our community night and on Sunday all attending being enriched by the wisdom and insight shared.

Sancta Sophia is much more than a centre, it is a Community and that core value of Dominican and Carmelite life is promoted strongly through our symbols. Firstly the Open Door reminding us to offer true hospitality welcoming all with the warmth of Jesus. Through the living out of this symbol much healing has taken place which was a surprise to begin with but there are so many people who have been bruised by so much ‘rule keeping’ in the churches whereas St Augustine has told us “to love and do what you will.” Secondly the Shared Table following the Eucharist. This symbol has become very important with bread broken and shared, wine poured, dialogue explored and relationships fostered.

To conclude it is a real privilege to live here at Karith and to work in mutuality with the Carmelites and to journey with so many beautiful people.

Sr Kathleen OP

You can join the community for a quiet day sharing in the Community program or an extended stay for a private or directed retreat.

A particular focus of Sancta Sophia is achieving peace through inter-religious dialogue.

A Hermitage is available for a day or a longer stay.

Sancta Sophia Meditation Community is directed by Sr Kathleen OP and Fr Ken O’Carm


Sancta Sophia Meditation Community
Warburton 3799
PO Box 53, Warburton 3799