Salamanca Process




The Salamanca Process has developed through the marriage
theory and praxis.


It is the interplay of study and action.


The dialogue between those Dominicans who in the 16th century
working with the indigenous peoples in Haiti,
Cordoba, Montesinos et al and later Las Casas
their brothers de Vitoria and Soto in Salamanca University in Spain.


It is the powerful synthesis between the intellectual life (underpinning the pursuit of truth) and
apostolic commitment (service to those most vulnerable in our world).


Carlos Linera in the book “Dominicans in Education: the Intelligent Use of Liberty” describes the process as:                             

                     Announcing the “reign of God”: The Kingdom
                     Encountering the other
                     Respecting the other
                     Dialoguing with the other
                     Capacity then to listen and respond to their needs
                     A work of “encounter and dialogue”


In summary

  • Encounter
  • Respect
  • Dialogue
  • Reflect
  • Respond