Our Congregation

Around 1206, in the south of France, at Prouilhe, not far from Toulouse, a gospel-inspired family of priests, nuns and lay people gathered around Bishop Diego and his canon, Dominic.


They lived by the pattern set by the first Christians: in community, praying together, sharing the message of the life of Jesus and caring for one another. They preached Jesus by the way in which they lived their lives, as well as their proclamation of the Word of God at every opportunity. What follows is the way through which we try to live out this charism today in our world.


Dominican Sisters of Eastern Australia and the Solomon Islands

Today, our Sisters number approximately 107.



Leadership Team


Australian Story

Our Australian Sisters live in community clusters in Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Newcastle and Maitland.

Ministries include involvement in secondary, tertiary and special education; administration and research; country and city parish ministry; RCIA; Interfaith Dialogue; spiritual direction; pastoral care, counselling and welfare; working among aboriginal and migrant communities; with the materially poor; with those who have a physical or intellectual disability; who are drug or alcohol dependent; homeless or in prison; and with asylum seekers and refugees.

Our Sisters are supported by Associates – lay men and women who wish to be part of the Dominican story – and join with us in prayer and faith sharing.


Former Prioresses and Vicaresses


Solomon Islands Story

In 1956 the Dominican Sisters of Australia established a mission in the Solomon Islands in conjunction with the Dominican Friars and lay volunteers.

The Sisters minister in the Western Solomons at Gizo, Loga, Wagina, Nila, Sirovanga, and Moli; and on Guadalcanal at Honiara, Tenaru and Visale; and in Malaita at Auki.  The Ministry of the Sisters is in the areas of nursing, teaching and pastroal care.


Dominican Volunteer Support Group

Provides opportunity for potential volunteers to find out more about the Solomon Islands country and culture and the ministry of the Dominicans in the Solomons.

For further information about being a volunteer please contact:


Solomon Islands Support Group

Las Casas Centre for Justice, Peace and Care of Creation

PO Box 353

Strathfield NSW 2135


The Federation of Dominican Sisters in Oceania

Five congregations of Dominican Sisters form the Federation:

Representatives of these Congregations meet annually to discuss matters of common interest, and help support the mission in the Solomon Islands. The Provincial of the Dominican Friars  also attends these meetings.

Representatives of the Federation of Dominican Sisters 2019

 Dominican Associates

The Dominican Associates give expression to a new way of belonging to the Congregation of Dominican Sisters by understanding the charism of Dominic and sharing the spirit that binds us together. Associates are connected with the Congregation in an informal way.

Dominican Associates are affiliated to the Dominican Family through their relationship with the Congregation of Dominican Sisters of Eastern Australia. Associates are different to other groups because they ‘belong’ with a host congregation. Each group/congregation deals with the entity differently.

Associate groups gather for:

  • Prayer
  • Ways of developing faith
  • Celebrating
  • Nurturing both Sisters and Associates for their ministry to others.

Newcastle Associates
Keep in mind that each of you has your own vineyard, but this is joined to your neighbours’ vineyards without any dividing lines, so that you cannot do good or evil for yourself without doing the same for your neighbours.                                    Dialogue of Catherine of Siena

Contact: Dominican Associates