Feast of St Dominic

3 August 2019 | General Interest

     Dominic - Santa Sabina Rome

To be a Dominican is to find
that you belong with us.
You are at home.
But we Dominicans may have many different
conceptions as to what that means.
First of all, we have to
recognize the same impulse in each other.
We preach the same Risen Lord.
One recognizes certain family resemblances;
a quality of joy, a sense of equality, a passion,
a trust in our tradition.
All these hint at a way of life we share,
however great the superficial differences.

What holds us together is a way of life
which allows for great diversity and flexibility,
and a common mission.
We are bound together as a community
by the stories of the past,
as well as the dream of the future.
So community is based on more than a single vision.
It is built patiently by
learning to listen to each other,
to be strong and to be fragile,
learning fidelity to each other
and love of one another.

Timothy Radcliffe OP
Former Master General of the Dominican Order