Remembering a Dominican Ex Student and College Vice Captain

1 February 2020 | General Interest

Jill Emberson, a much loved ABC radio presenter in Newcastle has lost her fight with ovarian cancer. On January 23rd, on what was her 61st birthday the Mayor of Newcastle hosted a Memorial Service to celebrate Jill’s life.


A packed Newcastle City Hall which included some of her Santa Sabina Class friends and members of the Santa Sabina Ex-students’ Association heard of Jill’s achievements from those who loved her and those with whom she worked.

We were reminded of just how many places Jill’s light shone including the poor, the lonely, indigenous, our planet and those without a voice. Her inquiring mind and her constant search for truth led her in many directions.

After her diagnosis with ovarian cancer in 2016, Jill's efforts went to campaigning and raising awareness of this invidious disease that impacts on so many women. Her podcast “Still Jill”, reached thousands and with help from others she established “Pink Meets Teal” in an attempt to highlight a disease that like breast cancer in the past, now needs money for research. She gained a promise from Greg Hunt, the current Federal Health Minister for $20 million a year for this important cause. It would appear this is now to be distributed over a five year period.

One of the presenters Nicola Bowden announced that a scholarship had been established at Hunter Medical Research to enable a PHD student to research ovarian cancer. Donations can be made at

Jill's sense of social justice, truth telling and advocacy is a reminder to us all of the need to work for those who have no voice.   

Rest in Peace Jill.