Solomon Island Support

1 March 2020 | General Interest

One approaches the “other” with the idea that God is already present. Underlying this approach is radical trust and belief in the power of God’s Spirit at work in the lives and cultures of people – people who are different from oneself, who often may be poor and marginalized, who share one’s fundamental human dignity, rights and responsibilities, and who are one’s sisters and brothers created in God’s image.  Roger Schroder

It is so important from the standpoint of privilege here at Siena College that students become aware of the world beyond their borders. “With freedom, comes responsibility,” (Nelson Mandela). For this reason, the students sought to build deeper relationships with their Solomon Island Sisters and communities so that their fund-raising at the Fiesta celebration near the end of April, in conjunction with the Feast of St Catherine of Siena, could directly support them in meaningful ways.


Relationships extend faith commitment and enable students to become aware of the struggles of others as they not only seek truth, but live truth in ways of justice and equity, being part of that Mission of Jesus, and the vision of Dominic. At this endangered time of climate impact in our world which the Solomon Islands are struggling with so much in real terms, the students’ engaged in dialogue with Sisters Teresa and Maria who visited Siena College on Tuesday 25th February. There were lively conversations, a pod-cast session and a lunchtime presentation by the Sisters showing life in the Solomons.

The students look forward to this continued encounter with the Sisters in the Solomon Islands, in sharing lives, conversations and concerns about the integrity of creation.