Two New Icons

30 August 2019 | General Interest


We are indeed privileged to be part contributors to the writing of two new icons.These beautiful images of Dominic and Catherine were installed in Santa Sabina Chapel on 29 August, feast of St Sabina, during a solemn ceremony attended by sisters, staff and students, and the iconographer, Michael Galovic.  Sr Mary-Clare and Dr Maree Herrett blessed the icons with holy water and oil (on the back!!) while the choir sang.

This is another contribution to Santa Sabina’s celebration of 125 years in the Dominican tradition. The large icons are now hanging in the top alcove on the left hand side of the chapel. Dominic faces the congregation and Catherine the altar.

The image of Dominic is unique – he has reddish hair and the orange tree is depicted. Catherine too is unlike other icon images. She is looking straight at the viewer with a challenging furrowed brow. The red background depicts her passion and her constant references to God as fire. Her olive branch – with the silvery under-leaves and olives – represents her work as peace-maker and bridge builder.




Part of the ceremony read:

     May the icons be a constant reminder to us of life lived to the full,
     calling us to do the same, confident that the example of Catherine and Dominic
     will give us the courage and the faith we need to preach your gospel in our day.

     May these icons be a source of blessing and hope for all who enter this Chapel,
     giving comfort and challenging complacency,
     and proclaiming your infinite love for us in every situation.

The sisters also gave the College a reliquary containing bone fragments of Dominic, Catherine and Thomas Aquinas. The accompanying prayer reminded the College community that

     You are always part of the Dominican body of Christ.
     May these relics and the icons help you to treasure your heritage,
     and never hesitate to call on its power for good for the sake of God’s people
     and your own personal holiness.