Veritas Dinner

22 November 2019 | General Interest

On Tuesday 12 November, the final Sydney Veritas Dinner for 2019 was held at Rosary Lodge, Strathfield NSW. It was the first-ever ‘catastrophic fire day’ in Sydney and we fully expected fewer participants. Not so! Rather we had a full house and lively, even fiery (!), conversations around the principles of Catholic Social Teaching. These principles have been around for a long time and they are ‘good news’ for all. It’s up to us to put them into practice, day by day.


Veritas Dinners are held on the first Tuesdays of March, June, September and November. The evenings are centred around companionship, prayer, reflection, a meal and table conversation.

In 2020, the co-ordinating group hopes to focus on the UN Year of Planet Health. The dates are: 10 March, 9 June, 8 September and 10 November. All Dominican friends are welcome!