Veritas Meditation Circle

The Veritas Meditation Circle is a group of Dominican Sisters and friends who meditate in the spirit of John Main.


Through meditation we strive to be faithful to an age-old Dominican motto “Contemplari et contemplata aliis tradere” – “to contemplate and share with others the fruit of contemplation”. The practice of meditation prepares us for the gift of contemplation.

A Long Tradition

The Veritas Meditation Circle draws inspiration from the many Dominican women and men in the Christian tradition who were renowned contemplatives, most notably: St Dominic, St Catherine of Siena, St Thomas Aquinas, Bl Henry Suso, John Tauler and Meister Eckhart.

The Work of the Meditation Circle

Because we live in different regional groups around Eastern Australia we strive, through the concept of our Meditation Circle, to be mindful of one another whenever we sit down to meditate.

Wherever we live, we are committed to meditating individually twice daily for about 20-25 minutes. When possible, we try to meditate in small local groups each week. In these gatherings we commit to mindfulness of one another, through our contemplative prayer and presence.

Strathfield Meditation Group

A regular group meets at Santa Sabina Convent Chapel Strathfield (NSW) each Tuesday at 10.30am. The particular focus of this group is: Silence – Stillness - Simplicity – Truth.

As part of our contemplative prayer, we remember Veritas Meditation Circle members, by name, each week. We also offer welcome to new friends seeking a daytime meditation group and provide prayerful support to those who wish to move on and start a new meditation group in their local area.


The Veritas Meditation Circle supports the work of promoting meditation within the Dominican Family in the Solomon Islands.


The Veritas Meditation Circle is linked to the Australian Christian Meditation Community and The World Community for Christian Meditation.

The Veritas Meditation Circle is also associated with the Sancta Sophia Meditation Community at Warburton (VIC).