International Dominican Family

The Dominican Family consists of women and men collaborating in ministry in countries across the world.


Today the Dominican Family consists of approximately 21,324 Dominican Sisters of Apostolic Life in around 110 countries and their associated groups, 3,000 nuns, almost 5,000 Friars, hundreds of thousands of Dominican Laity, the Dominican International Youth Movement and Dominican Volunteers International. Many other groups are formally aggregated to the Order. The Dominican Family also includes those with whom we minister. 


Dominican Sisters International (DSI)

In 1995, the Dominican Sisters of Eastern Australia and the Solomon Islands became one of the founding members of this vibrant new association of Dominican Sisters. Today there are 21,324 Dominican Sisters of Apostolic Life, belonging to 147 Congregations in 110 countries.

Dominican Sisters International (DSI) has its headquarters at Santa Sabina in Rome, and the Prioresses of member Congregations meet every three years. At the first meeting of DSI, they defined its four goals:

  1. To support one another in living out the Dominican charism and to claim and promote our identity as women preachers;
  2. To facilitate communication and networking among Dominicans at both regional and international levels;
  3. To foster a more compassionate world order through the promotion of peace and justice, integrity of creation and human rights, especially those of women;
  4. To explore and foster collaborative initiatives among the Dominican Family. 

Other Dominican congregations of women in Australia, who are members of DSI:

Other Dominican congregations of women in Australia - who are not members of DSI

  • Conventual Sisters of St Dominic, Wagga Diocese (Ganmain)

Dominican Friars

There are 5000 Dominican Friars, in over 100 countries, many of whom work closely with Dominican Sisters, Nuns and Laity. Their headquarters are in Rome at Santa Sabina. The current Master of the Order is Fr Bruno Cadore, the 87th Master after St Dominic.

The Dominican Province of the Assumption is based in Melbourne and includes Austalia, New Zealand, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.

Dominican Nuns

A life dedicated to the Word of God, lived in community. Unlike Sisters of Apostolic Life these Nuns generally remain in one convent for the whole of their religious lives. There are 3000 Nuns, who are in the care of the Master of the Order. One third of them are in monasteries in Spain.

There are no monasteries of Dominican Nuns in Australia. 

Lay Dominicans

Lay people have been a part of the Order from the very beginning. These are people who have been moved by the Holy Spirit to live according to the spirit and charism of St Dominic. They are incorporated into the Order by special commitment according to statutes of their own and are accountable to the Master of the Order.

There are many groups in Australia, including a very large chapter of Australian Vietnamese Dominicans.

Dominican Volunteers International (DVI)

This organisation, aggregated to the Order, exists to encourage and strengthen the joint participation of nuns, friars, laity and sisters in the mission of preaching the Gospel according to the charism of St. Dominic on the frontiers of global society.

This is carried out concretely by sending lay volunteers, with formation received through DVI, to Dominican communities, preferably those already working among impoverished, excluded people. Upon return to their communities of origin, transformed by the immersion and participation in the life and mission of the Order, they can
communicate their experience and continue the preaching mission
through word and action. 

IDYM - International Dominican Youth Movement

Young Dominicans sent to preach

Who we are?

The International Dominican Youth Movement is a community which gathers groups of young lay people from all around the world.

United by the common intention to announce Jesus Christ and to build together God's Kingdom. We personally choose to preach with enthusiasm, as witnesses of the Word.

What we do?

Our mission, as young Dominicans, consists in the seeking and announcing of the Truth, in the Dominican style. It's for us an opportunity to live the universal dimension of the Dominican preaching.

The Dominican Family helps us as partners in the fulfillment of this mission.



Delegation to the United Nations


Fr Michael Deeb OP is the Permanent Delegate of the Dominican Order to the United Nations. He is based in Geneva in the Dominican Network Delegation.

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